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For some reason, it has

For some reason, it has been a really long day. Got through the day at the warehouse, although it was cold as hell out there. I have to remember to bring my gloves tomorrow. So I got home and decided to start packing up some stuff and I took down my pictures. I got 7 boxes so far. That is really most of my stuff. I figure that I will use 1 or 2 boxes for my kitchen stuff, a box for food, 1 or 2 boxes for misc crap, and then I might need one or two for clothes. I have to make a pile of clothes for the trip this weekend, and then a clean pile, and then a dirty pile. The computer will go into the shop on Thursday.
Randy was on the computer for hours looking for a place to live and he asked if I would be willing to move in someplace with him. On one hand, it would be the smartest thing to do since I need to find a place for the summer anyway….wait. I think that I can stay in the Village during the summer. O. K. But it would be cool to have share a place somewhere off-campus. And Randy and Mike would be good roommates. But my finances are a shamble. I’m just not fiscally or mentally ready to do something like this. I would rather have the school take care of all the bills and stuff and just have them take the rent out of my financial aide right now. And then with my work hours, I’m never pulling in a stable income. It increases and decreases during the year. If He could find something that was $400, it wouldn’t be that much of a concern, but he is looking at $600+ and I’m just not comfortable with that just for rent. Then you have to figure in the utilities, the phone, the DSL or cable line, etc. Anyway, I hope for the best for Randy.
Anyway I am so drained. yesterday night, I spent thinking up designs and stuff for my web page. I came up with a whole bunch of ideas, but most are too complicated for me to do by myself. So I will have see which ideas are within my means to do. Anyway, I am so tired and cold, I think that I just want to go to sleep. This’ll be the second night in a row that I’ve gone to be before midnight. How scarry is that. Maybe I’ll have more to post at work tomorrow
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Well, work has been pretty

Well, work has been pretty slow so far. In the middle of recieving an order. Sent Peter and Tim off to the store and I am so worried. Kris, the gift manager has an order that needs to be picked up in downtown SF. The thing is that she need to go with whoever goes to pick up the order. The thing is that Peter just hates Kris. And the van can only hold two people. So I am really worried right now. Pete went to talk to Kris and I just hope that no shit gets started.
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Went to bed early last

Went to bed early last night. Not really feeling that well, and I didn’t feel like aimlessly wandering around the net like I usually do….
Well, the shit finally almost went down with Quetzal and me last night also. I went down to get the mail and he asked me “you don’t talk much do you” and I said, “no, I just don’t like you. You have no respect for me and you have no respect for your housemates.” It wasn’t much of an argument cause I didn’t want to get into in down in the lobby. I think also, I want it in the apartment so that Randy and Mike can see it. Anyway, only 2 days left before I am outta here.
Amber just called to let me now that she is sick and is not coming in today. So I get to deal with today’s crap at the warehouse all by myself today. yay. I just need to remember to bring some tape home so that I can start boxing shit up. And it have tons of shit to box up.
I’m knida worried about Randy. He is graduating and all, but he doesn’t think that he can stay in SF and might have to move back home. He’s been drinking a lot more lately too. He is going to stay in the apartment as long as he can, but after that, he’s stuck. He works at the YMCA and doesn’t make enough to live on his own, and he hasn’t been able to find a roommate to share a place. Also, he has put most of his savings into his car that is still in the shop, so he doesn’t have that much for a deposit and 1st month. He is getting really stressed out about it, but I think that he could get a place if it came down to it. He is a good person, he can clean, and he looks good. If nothing else, I’m sure that he could hook up with a sugar mama somewhere to take care of him.
Well, with the rain here and the snow in the mountains, the wedding trip is up in the air. We are watching the weather and road conditions, and if it is bad by Wednesday, Amanda is going to cancel the hotel reservations. I have to remember to pack all of my warm clothing if we do go. If it is canceled, then I think that I still will spend the day in Sac with Mew. Maybe I’ll even go and see Lesa. I am a prideful beast sometimes and I need to fix that (I think). I’ll also go and see April to get my Office Cd and to give her the DVD I got for her.
Blah. My stomach is not feeling good either. I think that I will go and take a shower and get ready for work. **sigh** I just know that this is going to be a long day.
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