For some reason, it has

For some reason, it has been a really long day. Got through the day at the warehouse, although it was cold as hell out there. I have to remember to bring my gloves tomorrow. So I got home and decided to start packing up some stuff and I took down my pictures. I got 7 boxes so far. That is really most of my stuff. I figure that I will use 1 or 2 boxes for my kitchen stuff, a box for food, 1 or 2 boxes for misc crap, and then I might need one or two for clothes. I have to make a pile of clothes for the trip this weekend, and then a clean pile, and then a dirty pile. The computer will go into the shop on Thursday.
Randy was on the computer for hours looking for a place to live and he asked if I would be willing to move in someplace with him. On one hand, it would be the smartest thing to do since I need to find a place for the summer anyway….wait. I think that I can stay in the Village during the summer. O. K. But it would be cool to have share a place somewhere off-campus. And Randy and Mike would be good roommates. But my finances are a shamble. I’m just not fiscally or mentally ready to do something like this. I would rather have the school take care of all the bills and stuff and just have them take the rent out of my financial aide right now. And then with my work hours, I’m never pulling in a stable income. It increases and decreases during the year. If He could find something that was $400, it wouldn’t be that much of a concern, but he is looking at $600+ and I’m just not comfortable with that just for rent. Then you have to figure in the utilities, the phone, the DSL or cable line, etc. Anyway, I hope for the best for Randy.
Anyway I am so drained. yesterday night, I spent thinking up designs and stuff for my web page. I came up with a whole bunch of ideas, but most are too complicated for me to do by myself. So I will have see which ideas are within my means to do. Anyway, I am so tired and cold, I think that I just want to go to sleep. This’ll be the second night in a row that I’ve gone to be before midnight. How scarry is that. Maybe I’ll have more to post at work tomorrow
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