Crepeville at Davis

Probably not the best place to goto for someone that gets annoyed with people waiting in line during COVID. But the eye candy and people watching on a nice Sunday morning can’t be beat so in line I guess I’ll stay.

There is something to be said for the youth and energy of a college town. And the old man/daddy eye candy that is all around doesn’t hurt things either. It does make me miss working at a college bookstore. Maybe if I get fed in a reasonable amount of time I’ll walk around a bit.

I want to get the lady with the dog kicked out so I can take her seat. But I’m not going to be catty and dramatic; just going to be thankful for the seat I have.

Watching the friends, the families, the couples getting together for Sunday brunch. In the distance I can hear the live music coming from Davis park. The meds much be working as I’m not lamenting my lonely existence like I usually do or trying to matchmaker myself with everyone that walks by.

The champagne in the mimosa is dry but the alcohol in it is nice, like welcoming an old friend.

My mind is wondering what kind of face I need to have for someone to come up and talk with me

Probably not the face you want to walk up to. Maybe the mimosa will get a smile out of me
French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, mimosa, iced mocha, water.

The food is good, if not for the fact it’s the same thing I get whenever I come here. I really should order a crepe the next time I come here.

It never ceases to amaze me how tethered we are to our phones. The irony of me typing this on my phone is not lost on me.

I would love to stay and just casually look at people all day, but I can already feel the lonely and jealous thoughts forming and n the back of my mind. **sigh** not sure if the mimosa is helping me or those thoughts. Let me get my Mint Mojito from Philz coffee and drive back to the imaginary safety of my room.

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