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Thank you @gracerajendran for the wonderful birthday gift. You know me too well.

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Tired, scarred, worn down, scruffy. But still standing. 


Wishing Tree

What would I wish for. 


Birthday Breakfast Treat 

Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #182

On your 25th anniversary, what kind of honeymoon do you think would be most pleasing to look back on?  Do you think that second honeymoons are a good idea?  if you were going to take one, where would be the most romantic place you could go?

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Lamy Pens


Morning FrontBack, its been awhile.

#SeattleFrontBack – Seattle, USA #frontback – using Frontback app

Places I’ve Used To Live At

Being an Army Brat, I’ve lived in a few different places both in the US and overseas.  Here’s a look at most of those places.

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