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True Rest Float Spa

So I’ve been wanting to do float therapy for a long time now. Was almost ready to commit when COVID hit. Two years later, found a flyer while cleaning and decided to take the plunge.

My biggest fear, being someone who doesn’t know how to swim, is to drown in one of these pods. But there is enough rosin salt to even keep my fat ass afloat.

So what I imagined was that I would get in the pod with the meditative music going and find my inner zen and solve all of the mystery of life questions that I have. But for the last two floats, I have just been enjoying the feeling of floating and being in water. Like playing in the water seeing what I can do while floating. Or just moving myself around in the pod. I spun myself around, pushed myself all around the pod, and done stretches. I’ve tried to be mindful and meditate, but my thoughts just wander to wanting to play in the pod. So I’m not getting the mindful insight yet from it, but I’m having fun and it truly has been one of the few times I can say that I’ve been happy without having to block or fight off negative thoughts.

Few negative points, if any. I wish the water was just a tough warmer. Not that it is cold or anything. Also, like mud baths or cedar baths, make sure to shower everywhere after so there isn’t any leftover salt on your body. The oxygen bar is interesting. I think my breathing is too messed up to truly get the benefits from it.

But overall I think this is one of the best things that I’ve done for my health and can’t wait to see what other benefits I can get out of it.

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Sunday morning breakfast and journaling

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Happy siblings day. #siblingsday

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@kurt_wallner -ing it today with my shirt from @amber_improvision & @dyson.dave . Just need a Kangol cap to complete the look.

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Why does facebook think I know comedian John Mulaney? I can’t figure out which ad I clicked or article I read that would link me to him.

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Happy birthday Marco Adams!!!

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Vaccine doughnut.

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Who are these goof balls?

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“Though you may not be a Joe,it is with great pleasure that you work with and alongsideJoe and for this we congratulate you.”

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From Mia Ortiz. Happy National Me Day.