Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #182

On your 25th anniversary, what kind of honeymoon do you think would be most pleasing to look back on?  Do you think that second honeymoons are a good idea?  if you were going to take one, where would be the most romantic place you could go?

Added the bonus questions since the main question was short.

Not really understanding this question.  Maybe because I’ve only had one cup of coffee; maybe because I’m not married. Unless you are married more than once, there is only one honeymoon to look back on.  Is it asking what kind of honeymoon you wished you had looking back 25 years?  I mean, unless it was a horrible honeymoon where you caught your newly wedded spouse cheating, or you were stuck in a hurricane and suffering from food poisoning, I don’t think it matters on the honeymoon.  I would assume that most couples are still reveling in new marriage bliss and just has long as they were together, it doesn’t matter where or what when it comes to the honeymoon.  If the marriage has gone downhill after 25 years and they are still married, then I guess one could look back and wonder where and when it went wrong (so me).

I think second honeymoons can be a good ideal.  Marriages can become routing and stale, esp. after 25 years.  A second honeymoon can be a good way to remember how it was at the beginning of the marriage and rekindle that spark.  The same with a troubled marriage, a second honeymoon can be a way to reset and see if the marriage can be corrected.  It’s not a cure-all; both partners will have to be open an honest with each other to save their marriage.  But a second honeymoon could be a good place to start.

If I was going to take a second honeymoon, I would like to tie it in to something from my partner.  Like if she talked about going to Europe or somewhere, but for whatever circumstance didn’t do it, I would take them there.  Or maybe a place that was significant to our relationship.  Maybe we met at Coachella and after a drug/booze filled weekend, we hooked up and got married.  Maybe take her back to Coachella for the weekend and relive our first meeting.  But only with our prescription medications and wine.  And no slumming it in a muddy tent.  We can find a spa nearby and do a mud bath if we really want to get dirty.  But yeah, something like that.