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Question for the computer/video games people out there.

A mix between cleaning out stuff and reading an article about buying but not finishing/beating a game. Have a collection of games and I’m wondering which ones I should keep and which ones I should get rid off. Added difficulty is some of these are Win95 games so would it be worth the headache to get them running on a Win8 system.

Ultima Collection (did not finish 1,2,6,7,& 8)
Sonic 3D Blast.
Rainbow Islands (part of Bubble Bobble)
Descent Ii
Diablo IIII – Reaper of Souls.
Grand Theft Auto III
Puzzle Bobble 1 & 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Grim Fandango.
Half Life 2

Opinions please. Which ones should I play and which ones I should get rid of.

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