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Working guy

I think commuting in on the ferry/bus to work is going to be great for me. Except the 3 block hike uphill from the ferry terminal to the bus stop. Man I am out of shape.

Coming out from behind the curtain (sorta)…

So with my new job at the Univ. of Washington bookstore, I feel confident enough to take my website out of stealth mode (sorta speak) and feel confident enough to start using it again. And this is after one day on the job. The employees could be KKK members for all I know, but I really doubt it. The point I’m trying to say is that, after just one day I feel like I truly belong. I feel like the waking up at the buttcrack of almost dawn to take a ferry/bus combo in the rain/cold/snow will be worth it going to a job that I want to goto and can love.

I also need to start using this site/blog to put down my thoughts that are going through my head. I need to stop keeping these thoughts in my head and put them to words so I can analyze them and come to terms with them. I also need a place to put the happy and good thoughts that I have so that when I am down, I can look back on them to help bring me up. Someplace that isn’t Facebook, and that is somewhat private.

I also want to update the theme on here. I have to keep the pics of the Bay bridges and the city skyline. But I could use some new quotes for the random tagline. And I think it’s time for the dark theme to go. Maybe not all white, but something with more color in it or something. I should dig out the paper journals to see what I was planning on doing so many years ago. Oh, I still need to import all of the livejournal and blurty entries on to here.

Well I’ll have plenty of time to to this on the way to and from my new job.

Choose the Left Line Instead of the Right for a Possibly Shorter Wait

Choose the Left Line Instead of the Right for a Possibly Shorter Wait.

Or see which line I pick, and choose the opposite because I always pick the slowest line.

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