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What Is Life?

What Is Life

“Did they ask about your serial killer collector cards?”*

No, but I do have this book in my collection.

Embalm Mother In Law

*-In regards to taking a psych exam for a retail job

Interesting Glasses

So seeing Kurt Wallner ‘s wonderful glass collection got me thinking about what interesting glasses I have at my house. Of course, I have my Tigger mugs (duh!), but the most interesting ones besides that would have to be the 1988 Olympics set that my dad has in the china cabinet. He used to have a beer stein set with the Rogers shield crest on them, but it looks like they have been lost in the waves of being a military family.

Tigger Mugs (1)

Seoul Olymipic Glasses

Yellow Roses For Mom

These are the roses that I got my mom for her “2nd” birthday. Like me, sometimes she is surrounded by the darkness. I got her these to bring a little light to her darkness and to let her know that I love her. Saranghaeyo!

Yellow Roses (2)

Moonrise At Weed, California


Moonrise at Weed

Amazon @ Gonzaga University

Amazon at Gonzaga

Does Amazon paint over this when they are done or is the school stuck with it?

Tucker Max? Really?

Really Apple? For biographies, you have Lincoln, Tesla, Fredrick Douglas, St. Augustine…& Tucker Max!?! There really wasn’t another biography that you could start your list with?

Tucker Max

Old Website Intro Page

A different season long ago…

Old Website Intro

Finally Found My Coke Bottle

Joe Coke Bottle (1)

Ahhh, the internet…

You can find the most interesting things if you dig long and low enough.