Forcing it out

I have all of this stuff in my head that I want to spill out, but I can’t.

I mean, I am a college graduate after all.  I have a piece of paper at my parent’s house saying that I am.

It shouldn’t be so hard for me to write down the things in my head.

Why is it so hard to write about…

  • my new car and how I want to mod the hell out of it
  • my hair and how I want to get it braided or something, but I don’t know where to get it done at
  • my computer and how I am catching up on so many movies since I upgraded to Vista Ultimate and have Media Player
  • my computer and how I’m almost a 70 lvl character in World of Warcraft, but I run away and get beat up by lvl 60 characters
  • my computer and how I’m anti-social even in a MMORPG like WOW
  • my job and how I am stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out
  • my life and how I wanted to go to Lovefest but decided that I was somehow too old to go
  • my life and the fact that my attention span is so shot, I can’t even begin to read a book anymore.
  • my life and how I wanted to go to the Ren Faire this weekend, but didn’t, even though I have a $400 investment that is not being used
  • my life and how I somewhat curious about Krupa now that she has stopped bothering me at work
  • my life and how I want to go see Rent in NY on New Year’s Eve, and then go to Times Square to see the ball drop, but know I won’t do it cause I’m scared
  • my life and how how it is so empty, regardless of what I put into it.
  • my cell phone and how I am almost ready to pay $800 for a new phone with features that I will never use
  • my web site and how I really should work on updating it with my Flick-a-Day and Last.FM info
  • my room and how I want to buy a Roomba, but doubt it would be about to push away the mounds of clothes and trash that litter the room
  • my room and how I really want to paint it Celeurian Blue and put up the picture a geisha that I have
  • my health and how I have gained back the weight that I lost due to the 500 Calorie Ice Cream Diet that I have lived the last month
  • my health and how I still haven’t gone to Kaiser after the heart attacks I had last week
  • my health and how pizza is the only thing on my list of things not to eat that I haven’t eaten yet; but am seriously thinking about ordering
  • my past and how I would love to reconnect with my old friends, but don’t know how to build stuff, esp. bridges I burned down long ago
  • my past and how I always wish for one more chance to see Suzanne, but when that chance comes, I let it slip from my grasp.

That’s like 20 topics that I should be able to write at least a 500 word entry for each of them, but I can’t.

I guess I should be glad that I can get 500 words out bitching about what I can’t do