Question of faith…

So I fell asleep while watching The War on PBS HD.

I was at…a show that Amber Price was performing at.  But it could have been at the Ren Faire, because Suzanne Larson was there in costume. I was telling her how my day went, about how grumpy I was today and I was thinking about going back to see a psych. and how empty I felt inside.  I told her how I was trying to find something to fill in the emptiness and how I was using food, porn, and the Internet to fill the emptiness.  How I was worried that I would have to resort to drugs and alcohol.  She asked me if I had tried talking to God.  And I told her how I had gone to all of these different churches, how I had read The Bible and The Koran, how I had prayed to God and Jesus for a sign, for anything.  And I asked her if it was because I was praying with my hands clasped and fingers intertwined instead of having them pointed towards heaven.  She laughed, and I think she was tell me something when a bomb exploded and I woke up.

What was it you were going to tell me?

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