I want to see "Rent" in New York

I think that is going to be my reward if I can survive the rest of the year.  I just want to go to New York for a weekend and see Rent.  It would be so cool to go and see it on New Years eve, and then go to Times Square for the ball dropping.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  First of all I have to stop my life from slowly slipping away from me.  I had chest pains all day long.  And I was really late for work.  And I will probably be late again, since it is 3:30 and I’m still up.  And I’ve gaining the weight that I’ve lost a few months ago.  And I’ve killed my diet this last weekend.  And I think that part of me doesn’t care if I lose my job or not.

But if I can get things figured out and pull myself back onto the correct path, I want to go and see “Rent”

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