From "You Are Your Birthday" by Ellin Dodge

…cause I like crap like this… You Are Your Birthday
ISBN: 0595141439
ISBN-13: 9780595141432



Concentrate on one thing at a time and cool your impatience.  Your life is intended to be lived in the fast lane – one revolution of the wheels at a time.  Youth offers a chance to rub elbows with independent, inventive, ambitious people, and you learn to aim for creative, artistic and practical goals.  You are dramatic and tend to enlarge your problems.  Your mother is a strong influence and you base your self-esteem on her opinions or subtle reactions.  You’re ego is sound, and only a trace of the “poor me” attitude of childhood surfaces midlife to trigger depression.

Taking orders from anyone but your spouse sets your dander up.  You are a leader who strives  for constant improvements in financial and domestic situations.  Home is your haven, and you feel protective about your family, community, and co-workers.  You are the ruler of your roost and expect to be treated with adoration and concern.  The paternal-maternal instinct is prominent in all your dealings, and you are a just guardian.

A hardworking, driving person influenced your early years and is a mentor in mid-life.  You are too concerned about the opinions of outsiders and are better off when you trust yourself.  A female places responsibility on your shoulders and curbs your freedom mid-life.  Your strong sense of obligation makes it difficult to keep up the pace you set earlier.  However, you are intended to give loving service and accept the changes that are inevitable.

In late years you want to expand your horizons.  You are given the chance to counsel others and leave a lasting mark.

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