I should be off the computer…

but I just had a vacation flashback. So my parents have DirecTV or DishTV (can’t remember which). Anyway, one of the satelites was messed up, so we called a service guy to come out to fix it. So the guy came out and bolted the dish in place and weather-stripped everything (the guy who originally installed the dish did a shitty job.) So they got all of their channels back, and I guess the service guy gave them all of the channels, because they had HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.
So Eric and I are watching TV late at night, actually I’m the one watching it and he is playing Need For Speed on the computer. I switch to Cinemax and Busty Cops is on. Now I know that porns aren’t about the plot, but this movie was just bad. I mean the part where all three of the busty cops was a nice eye popper (it was funny watching Eric trying to play his game and watch the TV at the same time), but the “interrigation” where she takes her close off and the next scene she is riding the guy was bad. I mean I don’t even thing that he was inside of her. The final straw was when they went to the Fortress of Bustitude (that’s what it was called) to talk to the Holy Lama, which was in fact, a Lama. When the lama asked them to get closer and to take their tops off, I had to change the channel cause I didn’t want to see any beastiality. Does Skinimax show hardcore stuff. I was actually kinda surprised by the fucking, although they didn’t show any penetration. Anyway, that is the thought that I had to get out of my head. Time to get a little reading in before sleep.

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