little things

Today, I cleaned my room.
Granted I was forced to clean it because all of my clothes were dirty and on the floor, and I need clean clothes to go on vacation.
O.K., I could have taken dirty clothes up and did laundry up there. I have done that before.
But the whole point is that I actually cleaned my room. The fact that I let it get as dirty as it was is a sign of how depressed I’ve been. Not sure when the smell is going to go away though. Anyway, I am a pretty clean guy, and I usually keep my room clean. Every weekend, I go through and vaccum, dust and polish. For the last couple of weeks, it hasn’t got done. I would start, but never get far with the cleaning. So my room is clean and with a clean room, I should be getting a big dose of self-esteem; or so the doctors and the self-help books say.
I also took a walk around the block today (home work assignment). Just went down to the beach and back; Another small accomplishment. And on Friday, I went with Tim and Renee to Tim’s softball game. Later that night, I hung out with Tim, Renee, Ron, and Rachel playing Trivia Pursuit. The little things.

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