Man vs. Cat: The battle continues…

Nutmeg is the schizo cat that Barbara recently got a couple of months ago. She is a nocturnal cat and her favorite daytime hiding place is this little nook behind Barbara’s computer desk. It just so happens that this is where the plugs to Barbara’s computer and the DSL modem is at. When Nutmeg decided to stretch, we loose DSL.
So the cat and I have been battling extensively for the last week or so, with me building up walls and the cat somehow overcoming the walls to get to her hiding spot. In normal circumstances, I’m sure this would be a heartwarming, feel good story.
But we are talking about my DSL here.
So I just spent the last 10 min building, IMHO, the best looking, sturdiest, wall known to man or cat. Amazingly, it was made out of everyday boxes, lamps, and other household items. It’s actually very Trading Spaces and it matches the desk. Lets see the cat get into her nook now. Yes Nutmeg, you’ve been in this house for a couple of months now. It’s time that you stop being so skittish and get use to me. The rest of the cats have, and they have me trained perfectly. I know when to play with them, when to feed them human food, when to pet them and give them attention. Isn’t it time you joined the program. Yes Nutmeg, you and all of your personalities need to take a chill pill and relax.

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