Happy New Years!!!

Gong Hay Fat Choy and Saehae Bok Mani Paduseyo!!!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year…Lunar New Year to be PC about it since not just China celebrates it. The new year is the Year of the Wood Monkey. This is what the new year hold for me according to my
Chinese astrology book:

**update** The parade isn’t until February. I forgot that the parade is usually a couple weeks after the actual new years

From Chinese Astrology: Strange how you always think it’s your year. You get all excited and buoyed up – but it’s the monkey’s year; don’t forget it.

From The Handbook Of Chinese Astrology: The year of the Monkey may present setbacks and some difficulties for the Tiger native. This may be because the Tiger is used to having his way and tends to be short on patience and endurance. The Monkey is the ultimate showman, and extremely competitive, and the Tiger native may feel intimidated by the many challenges the Monkey year brings. This is not the time to let his impulses lead the Tiger into making rash decisions. A good strategy would be for the Tiger to refrain from making quick or long-term commitments unless he gets all the information on the whole picture. Seeking counsel as well as shelter when things get out of hand would be the smartest thing for the Tiger native to do this year. If the Tiger-born refuses to play by the Monkey’s rules or succumb to the Monkey’s ingenious mind games, then he will not become involved in complicated capers that Tigers may not be adept at handling because of their temperament. Can the Tiger resist danger? He must, or the Monkey wins.

From The New Chinese Astrology: You are going to love this year. It’s action packed with changes and surprises. Besides, the Monkey really admires your pep and secretly giggles in complicity behind his paw at your incessant shenanigans. He’s a good ally for you so you can go ahead this year with your crazy outlandish plans and your endless plots and schemes. The Monkey’s atmosphere is there to assist you in becoming a better leader. But don’t push this Monkey year’s good nature because his involvement in your plans will be superficial. This year people will willingly give you a hand or even a leg-up but they won’t invest in your enterprises. Go it alone. And hurry!

From Chinese Horoscope For Lovers: Despite some financial problems and the odd unexpected hurdle, there’ll be plenty of scope and opportunities for the Tiger to make fair progress this year. Emotionally, it’s a time for compromise since people and events will sorely try your patience. Year Trend: Watch out for gremlins.

Will probably head out to the Chinese New Year Parade once again this year, even though it is suppose to be cloudy and a chance of rain. All I need to do is to get sick right before school starts again. I already have enough of an headache going on with the first day of school.

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