unhealthy Joe…

So I’ve already just shot the New Year’s Resolutions to hell regarding health and weight loss. Not good.

Granted, my excuse has been that I’ve been sick so far, which is kinda true. And when I don’t feel well, the priority turns to making me feel good, which is a good/bad thing. Anyway, planning on trying to jumpstart my motivation again on Monday. What I really should do is goto the gym right now. But I am already cooking dinner, and it’s cold. And I have a slight headache. And more than enough excuses to keep me from going tonight.

This is the time that I miss not living with Mike, because Mike was a motivator to get me to goto the gym and work out. Maybe that is what I need, someone to goto the gym with me; a gym buddy.
Barbara def. doesn’t cut it with her medical history. Tim maybe. Mark works out way too early for me. Anyway, this is something that I need to do myself and to motivate myself to do.

I also have these Men’s Fitness Magazines that I took from my parents house. They are so bad for me. I mean,
basically, they are the men’s equivalent of Cosmo. What to eat, what to wear, what exercises to do, how to have
mind-blowing sex. The only thing that they don’t have are the quizzes. And yet, I’m ready to do what the magazine tells me, because if you have a nice body, then you are happy, you get the girl, and you have
mind-blowing sex. **sigh** It would probably be easier just to either start taking steroids or to learn how to throw up.

This dissatisfaction with my weight/figure comes from a comment that Mew made about me being chubby that I have…well, I haven’t really accepted it well. I mean, I’ve am kinda chubby. I got the handles still and I don’t have the muscles or the 6-pack. But I’ve always hid it well and it has never shown. I’ve always got the compliments about how skinny and lean I am, even though I wasn’t. Now the fact that my friends considered me chubby at one point, it’s rubbing me the wrong way. I don’t think that I’m going to brood over it too much longer, but it’s still bothersome.

I guess I haven’t totally killed the health resolutions. I still have 12 months to get on track. And I have done some sit-ups/push ups this year. I just wish that I could get scanned and just magically have my body repaired and put in shape.

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