a few inches does make a difference

So I was looking around on Craigslist last night. Mainly, I read the missed connections, but I occasionally look at the for sale and job wanted stuff. Was looking at the free stuff and saw that someone was getting rid of a queen size frame today at 10am. Decided that I wanted it so this morning, took Mark with me and we went and got it. I can tell the difference between having it and not having it. However I wish that it was a little bit higher. Anyway, here is a whole bunch of bed stories and facts…

  • I have a queen size that I got after moving out of the dorms, where I was subjected to twin size beds. Beds that are def. not made for tall people. The most interesting one was the old 70’s sofa/bed combo in the freshman dorms. The bottom would pull out about 6-12 inches to convert from a sofa to a bed. Ugh, it was def. a challenge to make out on something like that. When I moved to the resident apartments, I got a slightly larger bed. It was kinda low to the ground, but I liked the fact that there were drawers underneath the mattress.
  • During the summer months, when I stayed with Shawn & Marie in Berkeley, I slept on the floor. That wasn’t a problem, since I had lived in Korea and had slept on the floor there. Also, I had tons of blankets and pads to lay on the ground. Wasn’t that bad of an experience. When I had to stay in Park Merced while waiting for Centennial Village, I had this crappy old rental bed; nothing too memorable about it.
  • When I finally got to Centennial Village, we had what were basicly bunk beds, except that they were sepreated. The cool thing was that it took me forever to get a roommate, so I had a double space to myself. So I decided to push the two beds together and make one huge bed. Gawd, I loved that. It was just so roomy and spacious. When I finally got a roommate and had to seperate the bed, I decided to raise the bed up as high has it could go. So my bed ended up being about 3-4 feet off the ground. It was cool because I could stuff tons of stuff under my bed, like the drawer that we had in the room and my box for my monitor.
  • Eddie (the crack fiend) once asked me if I was afraid of falling out the window. The window was right next to my bed and there was no screen on it. I’m actually surprised that no one has fallen out and killed themselves. Actually, I’m surprised that The Villige got away with windows designed like that (most college dorm rooms windows are built so that they can’t fall/jump out of them.) Anyway, I wasn’t afraid of falling out at all. I don’t think that I even came closed.
  • So once I graduated and moved out, I started looking for a bed. I was really bummed because beds are quasi-expensive, and I’m talking just for the mattress itself, and not even for the headboards and other stuff. Anyway, I was at JCPennys looking at their stuff, and I found this really nice queen size bed for $700. On a whim, I applied for a Penny’s card expecting to get declined, but I actually got approved. I sometimes wish that I would have gotten the king size bed.
  • The only problem I have had with this bed is getting it upstairs to my room in Park Merced. That involved cutting the baninster and bending it to the point of breaking it in order to slide the boxspring up. It is def. takes work to get it up and down. The first two places I was in, I had a master bedroom size room, so didn’t have to worry about space for the bed. When I moved out from the Font address, one of the things I had to make sure was that the room that I was looking at could fit my bed.
  • I have a no flip pillowtop mattress. It is soft, but not as soft has the mattress that I had in Vacaville. The sex bed, has it was sometimes refered has was a black laquer bed with a mirrored, lighted headboard. The mattress was so soft that most people fell off of it the first time that they laid on it. When my family moved to Washington, Eric got my matress (the headboard broke while in transit however). So now when I go up there, I sleep on Eric’s old full mattress; and I get little to no sleep. The only good thing is the bedspread that my mom got for it. A safari/tiger stripe theme with a down comforter. If nothing else, I sleep very warmly while up there.
  • My bedspread right now consist of 2 mink blankets (one orange with a flower pattern, one black with a tiger), and a lepoard print blanket/sheets set (300 thread count). I also have 4 pillows of various firmness and a body pillow. I used to sleep with two pillow, but now I just use one, or sometimes none. Every once in awhile, I’ll wrap myself around the body pillow.
  • The Bed story….This should be it’s own entry, but I’m going to put it here. So I had just broken up with Kathy, so it must have been 1993. So I go over to Lesa’s house and Lesa and Kurt are there. Some reason I crawl under the bed and start goofing around. Lesa tells me that Kathy is on her way over and that I’m going to scare her when she arrives. Now, Kathy and I had a mutual breakup, so it wasn’t ugly or anything. So I’m under the bed when Kathy burst into Lesa’s room and starts telling Lesa and Kurt about her date. She’s going on and on and while it sucks to hear your ex talk about a date with a new guy, it wasn’t that bad. But has soon has she is finish talking about date number one, she goes into date number two. By this time Lesa is just moaning and Kurt is laughing his ass off. So Lesa, finally asks “What about Joe?” and Kathy responds “I never gave a damn about Joe”, or something to that effect. So that when I crawl out from the bed and storm out of the house. Kathy chases after me and stops me in the courtyard and…I swear I can’t remember what she said, but it was that that made me just explode. So I go in my car and a chase scene evolved with kathy chasing me and Kurt chasing us. I ditched Kathy, but Kurt caught up to me at one point. He was reaching out of his car holding on to my car. I told him to let go and when he didn’t, I drove off and almost pulled his arm out of his body. **sigh** Well, all is well and we are all friends. It’s a good story to tell esp, when Lesa is around since it was all her fault 😀

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