So many thoughts frozen in my mind…

Seriously, they are frozen in my mind; it is fucking cold in my room.

My feet are esp. cold. I though that the soup/sandwich that I had would warm me up, but no go. Thinking about getting either some oatmeal or some tea. Craving French Vanilla Oatmeal, but all I have is Banana Nut,
Cinnamon Roll,
and Apple. They are good flavors, but not what I’m looking. Not sure what types of teas I have, but I should have some
Sleepy time tea. That would work for my craving, since it has peppermint in it.

Also need to clean room, wash clothes, start packing, load songs onto the MP3 player, figure out how to bring my scanner up, and figure out how to survive with 56k dial up using AOL 4.0 on a Pentium 60 computer. **shiver**

Alright, going to unbury myself from my fur blankets and go get some tea.

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