I can’t stand the rain…or can I?

Am in the “wanting to cuddle with someone” mood with the rain falling outside. However, with no one to cuddle with, I guess I will have to settle for the “freezing my feet off” and “sullen, depression” mood.

I guess it’s just as well, cause I’ve been gassy as hell this weekend. Which would be the reason for the window being open and my feet freezing.

Anyway, returned the computer case back to Fry’s. I should have
gotten the wireless keyboard, or even DDR for the PC since they are selling it for $10. With a pad and adapter, it would have come out to what, $50. Besides, I can get the case online at least $40 cheaper than what Fry’s was selling it for. Next month, or next year since Xmas is next month and I will be spending money on Xmas gifts.

I met Barbara’s son briefly before heading out to Fry’s. Seems like a nice enough guy; we only talked for a second. One interesting thing Barbara told me is that he met his new girlfriend online. I have always been wary of online dating; a mix of personal experiences and stories from other people. However, since I don’t have the courage/drive/will to go to the clubs or wherever you meet people, I guess it is
something that I will have to do. God, the fact that I am even thinking about paying money for a dating service is
weird. Not that I am even looking for someone right now. I am still not ready to “go out there”; back into the dating scene. Have I ever been in the “dating scene”?

So what’s up for this week? Tuesday is election day; don’t think that I am going to vote. It’s for the San Mateo College Board. I’ve lost my booklet and I don’t think I really care about it. Also have a manager meeting. Yay! Wednesday is dinner at Mew’s parents house in Vacaville. Planning on taking the day off and going up early to help Barry out with some computer stuff. And then Friday going out to dinner with Angie and going to see The Matrix: Revolutions. Sorry, I am not waking up at 5am in the morning to goto a 6am first showing. Not gonna happen.

Wish that I had my own place. Have the weird urge just to walk around the house naked, Which would probably be bad since it’s cold. However, that reminds me that I need to pull out my mink blankets and goto the laundrymat and wash them. If fall/winter is really here, then I
will need then to stay warm.

O.K. enough random thoughts out of my head.

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