.Grey Friday

It’s a semi overcast Friday here in the city and I am still spending money.

I’m really not going to have any money to buy groceries. Starvation diet here I come.

Anyway, taking Peter and Mark to Hooters for lunch since it is Peter’s last day. I wasn’t going to go, since they didn’t use union electricians and all. But Peter wants to go…and we are not sure if Mark’s friend is working to get us into Boys Toys. It would be my luck to run into Brian while me and the guys are getting lap dances.

What I really want to do is go and see Kill Bill, Vol. 1 again. OMFG. Even if you get rid of the fight scenes, the blood, the maiming, and the killing, it is such a beautifully filmed movie. I have been watching scenes in my head all this morning and I want to talk about it to Mark and Peter so bad, but they haven’t seen it yet. Resisting urge to get broom handle and start slaughtering all of the merchandise in the warehouse.

Going to Ren Faire tomorrow, will have money for food and drinks (well, at least one drink)

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