.what? TWO entries at work?

Yes, I am mildly bored and un motivated. I should be working in the accounting cage and stuff. But I’m not. I should be cleaning the aisles and stuff. But I’m not. I should be in the bathroom, taking a piss. But I’m not.

Going out with Angie tonight; she is taking me out to dinner and to go see Kill Bill,
Vol 1
. I still need to repay her cousin for the bail out at the bar on Angie’s birthday.

Decided to just fuck the parking tickets and pay them later. It’ll cost more, but I will stress less about money. And I think that is what it’s all about. Not stressing over everything, just going with the flow and dealing with what life throws at you. Or something like that….

Thinking about Thanksgiving…I could just skip it and wait until Xmas to see the family. There are tons of places that I could go for Thanksgiving Dinner so I wouldn’t be alone at a Denny’s or Lyons or something. Yes, I did spend one Thanksgiving eating by myself at a Lyons. Perhaps one day, I’ll tell the tale.

Don’t know what is in the air. There is just this…blahness all around me. Just seems like alot of things that have happened to me. Not to me, but around me. Just lately, it seems. Tim is off on a family emergency; Peter is leaving. Barbara is dealing with Keisha and things, etc., etc. I’m dealing with my own lack of motivation. It’s not full blown depression, just…lack of motivation. Still, at least I have enough energy to try and get out of it, regardless of how pitiful it is.

O.K. enough blah, blah, blahing. I need to clean up and goto the store to see the boss.

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