.caffeine jitters

Have a slight case of the caffeine shakes going on. The Little Debbie doughnut that I had probably didn’t help either. It wasn’t a Krispy Kreme doughnut, but it was still good in its own unique way.

Have to finish paying the bills tonight. Student Loans sites were down last night. Still not sure how much money I’ll have to spend on the Ren faire. I’ll need enough for a costume and some food.

I kinda like this journaling without being seen. Messing around with the Menu script that I downloaded last night. Doesn’t seem to work with old Apple OS though. Need to goto the store today and see if it works with Safari. I might have to find another menu to use. Not too many people I know use Apples, however, I do want to be a responsible web author and have compatibility with the most…things. Man I can’t think.

Phone battery is dead. Needed to call some people. Guess it will have to wait until I get home.

O.K. Sun glare is starting to move over my monitor, which means that I should get up and do some work. 😛

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