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I am a consumer that shops by brands besides shopping by price. There are several brands that I claim that I continually use.

Jeans: I have been shopping exclusively at Anchor Blue for the last 3-4 years now. I am particularly fond of their Beyond Baggy pants, however I am considering getting some relax fit or easy fit.

T-Shirts: I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought a T-shirt. I honestly suspect that it was my Livejournal
T-shirt. Anyway, if I did need a new shirt, for character prints I goto Hot Topic. I’ve also gotten some shirts at Anchor Blue and other places, but I suspect most of the shirts that I have bought have come from Hot Topic. Semi plan is to get rid of all of my white T-shirts since most of them are the oldest shirts I have. Most of them also have that yellow armpit stain going on. Most of my color shirts are either black or blue; want to get some more color in the mix

Socks: I know, socks who cares. However, in the process of converting all of my socks from Champion to Joe Boxer i.e. the only reason that I will goto K-Mart, since they are the only store that sells Joe Boxer stuff.

Underwear: Yep, Joe Boxers baby. Solid colors, boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are due to Marky Mark Calvin Kline advertising of the 90’s twisting my mind into thinking that a style of underwear would make me irresistible to women. Also have an extensive collection of Tiger print underwear. Could not leave a
Wal-Mart of Target without getting whatever Tigger boxer or Tiger underwear they had. Nowadays, it’s all Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob, which I can’t stand. O.K. I also have some Stafford underwear that I bought in an emergency. They do make my butt look nice though.

Hats: It used to be that the only requirement for hats is that they had a tiger on them. So I would have
Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Tigers, or some other sports team with a Tiger or cat mascot. Today, it’s just a mismatch of logos. Sometimes I wish I could wear visors, but I don’t think that I am a visor person.

Dress Clothes: Men’s Warehouse for all of my suit/tie needs.

**sigh** I wish that I had a job that I could dress up a little more for. One of the reasons that I wish I was at the store. I mean, it’s nice to roll out of be, put on a
t-shirt and jeans, and goto work. But sometimes, I wish that I could just get dressed up and go all out.

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