.The Dream

I have a dream….and that dream is to have a new computer. A computer that can handle the games of tomorrow. A computer that is quiet. A computer that I can watch DVD’s. A computer with surround sound. A computer that I can burn CD’s/DVD’s. A computer that I watch TV. A computer that I can save TV programs with. A computer that has the ability to merge with a big screen TV. I think it is time to make that dream a reality….

Semi geeky stuff about the pieces of computer stuff that I want to buy…

Case – Have decided to get the Sonata case from Antec. Have read a number of good reviews about it, and it is a nice looking case. It has enough bays for the stuff that I have. And it is quiet. I’ve seen the case at Fry’s before (I think) and I remember having a good impression of it.

Motherboard – I’ve been eyeing the ABIT IC7-MAX3 since I saw a preview about it. I’ve been
fascinated with the Max series since they first came out. The plan was to create a legacy free board with no serial or
parallel port
. Only problem is that I haven’t seen any reviews on the board. Also worried about noise on the board and heat. I won’t be overclocking the chip or anything, so that should help

Memory – Looking at getting a single stick of 512MB and then later buying a 2nd stick to up it to 1GB of RAM. Will probably get it from

CPU – Thinking that I will get at the very least a P4 2.4 or 2.6 while silently drooling for a 3.0. Semi-wondering if I should just wait for the Althon64 or not…

Optical Drives – Torn between Samsung and Yamaha. I’ve read alot of sites that say that the Samsung CDRW is pretty quiet. However, I would love to use the Yamaha CDRW just to write on CD’s. Think I would def. use it more often

Sound Card – Would be happy with an Audigy 2 from Creative Arts, or I could live with the SB Live 5.1 that I have now.

Video Card – It would be an ATI All-In-Wonder, that’s for sure. But do I want to get the cheaper 9000 AIW, or just go all out and get the 9800 AIW. Choices, choices.

Keyboard/Mouse – Gyroscope wireless keyboard/mouse combo’s. The keyboard is small, but useable. And I use to have an old corded gyro mouse before (One of the greatest mice that I have used) so I should be good with the newest models.

Speakers. Klisph 4.1 or 5.1 system. nuff said.

Blah…all of this is going to cost money. Will play/dream about this at a later time.

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