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Went to the dealer to get my car serviced. Don’t really know what made me want to get reamed in the ass like that. I guess I felt guilty that I was a little late with the service. So $100 and 7 hours later….Still don’t understand how it could take so long, esp. when I made an appointment.

So while car was at the dealer, spent the day walking around the various shopping centers. Walked up the hill to Barnes & Noble and spent a couple of hours reading magazines and books. There was this med student that was suppose to be studying, at least that’s what she told the people that called her on the phone. However, she was like me and spent the whole time reading magazines. Then there was this old opinionated guy that was loud. Man, he had an opinion about EVERYTHING. He was entertaining although I felt kinda bad for the poor guy that was stuck talking to this guy. He totally had the cornered animal look on his face.

Afterwards went to Marshall’s and looked around, but nothing caught my fancy. Went to Magnolia Hi-Fi to look into the whole PS2/monitor problem. I can get a cable made that would do the job, but it would cost me $80. I might as well buy a cheap TV for that amount. I’m starting to think that that might be the solution.

Then I headed to Serramonte Mall and window shopped there for awhile. First time that I have walked around in a Macy*s for a long time. Still, nothing really caught my eye. Went into Gamestop to see what they had. Looking at the min. requirement for computer games, I know that my computer is on the way out. Just means more looking at reviews for Motherboards and computer pieces and saving up money. Nothing at the mall for me though.

Headed over to Starbucks for a drink and finally sat down and wrote in my journal. Had a vanilla Frapuchino and a slice of lemon cake. The only thing was this guy that kept hovering over me. Think he was following me or something. Anyway, he creeped me out enough that I left. Went over to Staples and Ross; still nothing for me to buy. Well, there was this thing. It’s cool, in a geeky sorta way I guess. However, the sales guy was wrong when he told me that it could read data off of the CD’s.
Basically it’s just a big glorified CD holder, not a 75 disc CD drive.

Also tried to goto the AT&T store to see about getting a camera phone. Once again, it was super busy and under staffed. Grrr. It’s starting to piss me off, that I can’t talk to a person and ask questions. Went to the dealer across the street, however, he is charging more for the phone than AT&T is, even with the rebate. Also went to Sprint, cause someone told me that their customer service has gotten better. However their prices haven’t. Costs alot more with less hours, not for me, sorry.

So it’s 2:30pm and I figure that is more than enough time for them to be done with my car (I had dropped it off at 9am). So I head over and they tell me that they need an extra 45 min. Great….So I head down to Cost Plus World Market, which head some really good stuff, but not good enough for me to buy. Also ventured into
Kmart again; I am a sucker for pain, I guess. And I also stopped in Toys R Us. That was kinda interesting. Surprising number of adults playing with the toys. And I guess the Care Bears are making
a comeback.

So around 4pm my car is finally ready. At least everything checked out O.K. Stopped at Target to get some
Scotch guard and carpet cleaner. Can’t believe how messy I got the car; this is after I spent two days washing and
vacuuming it. Oy Vey.

[Listening to: Kids – Robbie Williams – Sing When You’re Winning (04:47)]

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