.Trad’r Sam

So I came home, took a quick nap and then headed out to Trad’r Sam’s in the Richmond for Joe Petche’s going away party. This is a great Tiki/Tropical themed bar; kinda of dive-ish, but great personality. And talk about a girl drink bar; every drink is some kinda of fruity color and has a paper
umbrella in it (Didn’t the Kids In The Hall have a skit about a girly drink addict? Amber P. would know). So the menu has all of these drinks, but there is no description, so you have to ask the bartender what’s in them. Alot of them have rum in them. Let’s see, had a
Rastaman which has Midori, Rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine, I think. Also had two other drinks one was red, the other was purple. Then they had this Scorpion bowl, which is a bunch of alcohol dumped into a bowl. Good stuff, and def had a sting to it.

So it’s most of the GM crew and me and we are drinking and stuff. Paul and Brian go outside and the next thing I know is that Paul has
collapse out on the sidewalk. Got the bartender to call 911 on his phone (remembered that cell phone 911 calls get routed to
Vallejo; owe that one to Kurt W.) and then ran down a block to my car to get a blanket for Paul. That was not easy considering that I was drunk and was wearing my heavy Sketchers. The biggest break was that there was a fire station 1/2 block away, so we got help in no time. The firemen checked Paul out and he was o.k. His wife wasn’t very happy when she picked him up though. Have a feeling that Paul won’t be out playing with the other kids anytime soon.

**sigh** Paul is such an important part of the bookstore. He is like a father to all of us ‘kids“. If something happened to him, it would be just
devastating. After Paul left, the party sobered up pretty quick and we all left.

Then I came home and got hit with more bad news. When it rains, it pours eh?

[Listening to: Symphonie Concertante, K. 364; 1st Movement – Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields – Amadeus [Fantasy Original Soundtrack 1984] Disc 1 (13:38)]

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