.other updates

cut my hair (shaved it all off)
Got a PS2 (can’t use it. Thought I could hook it to my monitor, but was wrong)
Work is surprisingly slower than usual. (Was expecting more considering school is next week)

I’m at a lost for works. There are a few thoughts swirling at my head, but mostly it’s just a blank in there. The one
prevailing thought is that I should get some cereal to eat. However, I never made to Safeway this week. I don’t think that the Pacifica Safeway is open 24hr. And the nearest one that I can think of in in S.F. on Mission. Don’t want to drive that far for milk. I might if Barbara was sleeping in her room. However, she is permantely out in the living room, because her waterbed is too cold apparently. It sucks for me, since I can’t go and watch late night

Should just goto sleep hungry, and then go out and get some breakfast tomorrow. Yes, that’s a good idea. This will help me loose the 6-10 pounds that I gained on vacation.

[Listening to: Work It [Remix] – Missy Elliott – Under Construction (05:07)]

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