.more pie

Amy is the latest recipient of the Joe Pie Delivery service. Was going to deliver it last week, but with the trip, I pushed it to this week. Went back to San Leandro for the first time in about….3 years. I think the last time I was in the town is when Dan/Jen/Drake still lived there. So many things have changed since I last lived there, what 10 years ago. I had a
weird feeling too, the kind of feeling I used to get when I went back to Vacaville to visit and would wonder who I would run into from high school or Solano. It was a ridiculous feeling to have, since I doubt that anyone would remember me,
esp. with my new haircut. Anyway Amy’s pie of choice was Lemon Merange(sp?) and I know that it put a smile on Amy’s face.
[Listening to: Vogue [Single Version] – Madonna – Vogue (04:24)]

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