.nap time

**yawn** Waking up from a small nap, which is not good cause I am just going to stay up all night. One more day of work before vacation time.

In a rarity, I was listening to Alice 97.3 this morning, and they had some comedian that I guess competed on some show on Comedy Central. He was O.K., but his best joke was this one about the semicolon; which I am so guilty of overusing. I thought it was so true and funny.

Listened to the new Dave Matthews song, Gravedigger, last night and on the way to work this morning. It’s a very dark song to me; like I wanted to slit my wrists or something. Still, I think it’s probably a better song played live than recorded and personally I
think that Save Me and So Damn Lucky are better songs. I guess I’ll see how good the rest of the CD is when it comes out next month.

Also waiting for the new Fiona Apple CD to come out.

Have decided to take a break from the library for awhile, esp. in regards to checking out music. I have an extensive collection that will keep me busy for the near future.

Have so much to do at work before I leave on Thursday. However, instead of staying late trying to get it done, I went over to Peter’s to play some Madden 2004. God, I haven’t played a football game in ages. I did score a touchdown, but it was more luck and button mashing than skill.

Something that I’m not looking forward to on this trip, namely my hair and my face. The hair is no problem, cause I am having Eric cut it for me. The face is another matter, because it has been more oily than usual and I am breaking out. Mom is going to have a field day cleaning my face. 😛

[Listening to: (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away – The Bee Gees – Greatest Disc 1 (04:06)]

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