.public service announcement

Because I know that ya’ll worry about me for some weird reason:

If I not online at all (Not that I am online alot anyway), or if it seems that I am not returning your emails or phone calls, it is most likely that I am busy at work since Fall Semester is about to begin at SF State. Yes, I have graduated from school, but since I work at the college bookstore, I am still on a
semester schedule. So don’t worry about me being depressed or plotting to kill myself. Trust me, I will be too busy working to be too depressed and if I plan on killing anyone, it will probably be some poor S/R peon that doesn’t move fast enough with the unloading of the van. If I’m lucky, it will be some customer that gets in my way…scratch that. I forgot that we are suppose to be
emphasizing customer service this year, so I guess that excludes killing customers. **sigh** Will have to find another way to relieve the stress of back to school.

[Original Soundtrack – Moulin Rouge 2 (04:56)]

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