.state of the journal update

Actually more like a state of Tygreyes update than just the journal. Mainly I’m kinda disappointed in myself when it comes to the journal. I’m not happy with the entries that I have been posting lately, when I am motivated to post. I’m def. not posting half of the thoughts that I want to get down. Some, I have been censoring on purpose, just because you, the reader, don’t need to be subjected to my musings over Suzanne. And
I don’t know, some of my thoughts that sounded good in my head lost something in the translation onto the screen.

Well regardless of my faults, it is time for me to try and change directions. I def need to take more pictures and have more photo essays. I am in a city, fuck, I am in a metropolis that is teeming with stuff to photograph and write about. So more pictures. If nothing else, I will dig out the Book of Questions and start working on that again. What else? The short story, Iris, that has been in my head for years now, I should at least make an attempt at writing it, regardless if it turns into really bad Anne Rice/Vampire Lestat fan fiction. And I should also work on redesigning the website.

I know, I get all of these grandiose ideas and then I let them putter off. And yes, some of these things that I’ve just stated will never get worked on. But if one of them does get completed, isn’t that an accomplishment?
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