**sigh** SO MUCH to cover; where to begin…

I guess first off, I hope everybody enjoyed their visit from the pie fairy. It was a def. impulsive thing that got legs of it’s own. It def. put smiles on faces, although I will have to wait awhile and save some money up before I go on Pie Delivery II. Pie starts getting expensive, but I think the smiles I got were def. worth it.

Went up to Sacramento this last weekend to spend some time with Lesa, Kurt, Alyssa, and Lesa’s sister Michelle. Michelle has just got back from a tour in Saudi Arabia. She hasn’t changed a bit, and it was good times this weekend. Activities included sushi, lottery playing, video taping, learning some bastard
French game, almost burning down the house trying to make Flaming Dr. Peppers, and crawling in a tube at Chuckie Cheese where we spent Sunday afternoon with Lesa’s mom, other family members, and her beautiful, wonderful cousin
I wish that they had a Dave & Busters in Sac though. I am so much better at the ticket games at D&B than Chuckie Cheese.

So yeah, I want to thank Lesa and Kurt once again for their wonderful hospitality. And I want to apologize to little Alyssa for dropping my cell phone on her head while she was changing her diaper. I hope I didn’t scar her for life.

Tim is off this week; down in Cabo with his fiancée, Renee. So I have no one to help me with
receiving paperwork, which sucks. It’s def. going to be a long week at work. I had to leave early, a.k.a. normal closing time, because I have to come home and deal with the ant problem that I’ve been having. I have been eating in my room, however, only a few items would leave crumbs and the sort. If I had ants in my room, I would assume that they would be on and in my bed. However, they have been appearing on the
opposite wall from my bed, where my closet is at. I finally figured out that they were converging on and in my clothes hamper, although I don’t know why. The only thing I can think off is that some of the ice cream that I had from Cold Stone got on the hamper. Anyway, I sprayed along all of the floor boards and then had to do several small loads of laundry, then finally had to clean the hamper with
Clorox. Hopefully, this time the ants are defeated and won’t come back. Well, the ant spray smell is finally gone, so maybe I can get some sleep. I will have to keep an eye out for the cats; don’t want them getting poisoned or anything.
[Listening to: Muted – Olive – Extra Virgin (03:37)]

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