Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow will be my 3 year anniversary of using Livejournal. I know, according to my user info, I created this journal on July 28th. However this was originally my first journal. 2100+ entries spread over 3 main user names (tygger_sf, tygreyes, dark_tygre) and misc “secret” journals that have been long discontinued. Wow. I remember looking at April old site and wanting to do an online journal of some kind, but didn’t want to do all of the work of making a design and coding it. So I took a look at diaryland.com, Blogger, and there was one other that I can’t remember before finding Livejournal. I think that Frank the mascot was the deciding factor for me. **sigh** So much has happened over the course of those three years; and yet some things have stayed the same. and no matter how many times I try to leave Livejournal or delete my journal, I always seem to come back to it.
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