From one addiction to another…

Went out to see the lunar eclispe, it was cool but the skies were too overcast to see it really well or to take good pictures; should have drove out to the East Bay. Anyway, it was the cold that made me leave early.
Get home to find out that the DSL and phone line are turned off. 🙁 Good thing I stopped at the library to pick up some books. Tried to goto sleep early, but Mike sleeping with the T.V. blasting kept me up until I went down to turn it off. Hopefully he will find a roommate that is a heavy sleeper.
I am already jumping from my internet addiction back to my coffee addiction. Not good. And of course, it’s just not regular coffee that I’m getting. No, I have to get the tall/venti mochas with shots in them. **sigh** Well, next week I will try to at least downgrade myself to just coffee, if for nothing else to save money.
O.K. Boss is coming out this afternoon, and the warehouse is a mess. Granted, we are moving so it should look like a mess. But I’m still feeling self-concious for some reason.
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