Late night thoughts….

First of all I did the whole drinking thing wrong…I mean, I should have just finish drinking right now and getting myself ready to pass out. It’s 2 a.m. and I’ve done the drinking, pass out, had the hang over and gotten over it already. I guess I need to work on my timing…
Called the landlord of the place I’m planning on moving too. We are meeting on Thursday to talk about it. **sigh** Still think that I’m going to look around some more. There is just a lingering feeling that I can’t shake off about this place.
The atmosphere here with Mike and I is….I guess cool at best. He apoligized about the dishes and did them. Still, the rest of downstairs is a mess and when I’m down there, I just slowly work get myself worked up over it. I mean, it’s called cleaning up after yourself. I shouldn’t have to move your socks and the shirt that you work out in off of the couch. There is only so much you can blame on school. Well, in 2 weeks it won’t be my problem anymore. I still wonder if he has got any replys to his ad for the room; there has only been one person to see the room (that I know of anyway). All of the places that I have been too have had tons of people that have looked (or so they say).
4 more days until the DSL is gone. **sigh** Everything is backed up and downloaded. Guess I will be going to library or to Borders more often. Which is probably a good thing, since I have been lacking in the reading dept. I still read, but it is down to just one book right now (Pandora by Anne Rice). I could use some new reading material…that is what I am going to do when I move out, is buy books. There is this book sale going on at Westlake in Daly City and I have wanted to buy some books from there, but didn’t have the money. Now that I’m moving out, I can afford to buy books again.
It will be great to have a little financial room again, but I will still need to be frugal for a few months. I’ll need to pay for the security deposit, and I want to pay off my JCPennys bill and my financial aid (the small one -$1500). I need to pay car registration, but I can take care of that with the money I’ll get for the table tomorrow. Also need to shop for new clothes…That remind me of my first manager at Baskin Robbins, Sue. We had a discussion about living on your own and I vaguely remember part of the conversation was about clothes and she had to make clothes last a long time. I have been doing that with my socks and pants. And I know that a pack of socks isn’t that much. Still, I don’t trust myself enough to go and just get socks; I would get pants, and a new jacket, some new shirts, etc, etc. Maybe I’m taking the stretching of the dollar to extremes.
Wed. night Angie and I are going to go see the new Matrix movie (NOT at Century Theathers) That should be real good…except that the guy is comming out to work on the wall at the warehouse. That could be trouble.

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