O. K. So I knew

O. K. So I knew that he was going to keep Sarah after they made out in the forest, and I knew Zora would stay cause he felt bad after the hot tub incident. But he chose Melissa over MoJo. Granted, I am SO tired of everybody calling her that (c’mon, Mojo? It’s like that her real name or something), but fucking Melissa doesn’t even know how to cook. And I think that MoJo is so much hotter than Melissa. The check thing shouldn’t have scared him off; The poem and the puzzle maybe. But the best line was from Paul at the end when he wondered if Heidi would be jealous of them flying off to the French Riviera. Classic, just classic. I am so fucking hooked on this show. And Melissa is turning to be just the little slut, so is Sarah. Man, I can’t wait until next week.
And has for the other show, Bridezilla. I honestly thought I was ready for marriage. I mean like, make a plan, start saving, etc. etc. What the FUCK was I thinking. I am SO Unprepared. This is completely different from spending the rest of my life with someone. That, I am ready for. That is something that I can do. Planning and going through a wedding; that will fucking kill me, if the lucky bride didn’t first. I don’t know how any of my married friends did it. I just don’t. It just hit me watching that show that a wedding is nothing short of an act of God. No wonder people just elope.
Hmmm. Mike’s sister just called me to get the number for Park Merced Offices. I wonder what they are planning…
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