**yawn** Had some weird and

**yawn** Had some weird and interesting dreams last night. Not sure if I remember all of them though. I know one of them was a sexual one and that I had a good time.
DreamHost is mostly back up again. I tried to make a database for Moveable Type and got an error message, so I’m figuring that they are still doing a few things. Still, my site is seems to be working. I had a few ideas for some changes to the site; think I want to do a Chinese New Year theme since that is coming up next week. Going to have to scour the books and the web for some graphics though.
Also am thinking of unplugging the fans in my computer in an attempt to quiet the damn thing. It’s not over clocked or anything, so I shouldn’t have to worry too much about cooling (that’s the theory going around in my head). Semi-worried that I will somehow fry my motherboard by doing that; However if I did, that would be the perfect opportunity to go and apply for a BestBuy or CompUSA card.
O. K., need to go and scrounge up some food.
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