Dropped Mike off at Oakland

Dropped Mike off at Oakland Airport.
It’s so weird driving over the Bay Bridge, or anywhere for that matter since I just drive to work and back in the company van.
There was a break in the storm that is my life.
It had it awkward moments, but I am glad it happened.
Nothing like the taste of sunshine on your lips, even if only for a brief second.
BTW, they built a Circuit City in Antioch, go figure.
And I took a detour on the way home and reaffirmed my love for San Francisco, I just wish I had my camera so that I can share.
Now I am home. Tonight, think that I will watch my new DVD, The Royal Tenenbaums, and just relish in the memory of the break in the storm.
I wish that the storm was over, but like I said, I can wait.
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