17″ Apple Power book

Home from work sick **cough, cough**.
Yes I am still sick. I didn’t go to bed until 5am in the morning. And I had to be out the house by 9am for my manager’s meeting. Blah. After the meeting, headed back to the warehouse to catch TIm up on what’s going on. Then headed for Walgreens for some supplies. Apparently, I’m not the only one suffering from a cold, cause a lot of their cold supplies were running low or were out completely. Also picked up some disinfectant. So the plan is to clean my room and to change my sheets and disinfect the place. Then go and eat and take some medicine and then take a nap and catch up on sleep.
BTW, caught the end of the keynote speech at Macworld. OMG 17″, that is so huge for a laptop. And the commercial with Mini Me and that 8′ Chinese basketball player is funny. I am a PC user, but I have to admit, that Apple comes out with some cool ass stuff.
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