Still feeling like crap. **sigh**

Still feeling like crap. **sigh** I wish that I could goto Suzanne’s or have her come over here, even though she would get tired of me coughing and stuff. I can be a baby at times when I’m sick. Still I miss her. For some reason, I started thinking about all the different hair style that she had. I love the way that she can change her hair. I mean, the only thing she never had was curls. The only hair style I didn’t particularly like was the pink wig that she had. But, I liked when she would put her hair in two braids, or when she would have it long, or when she dyed it. I’m very much missing her hair along with the rest of her.
Back to the sickness. Mike has convinced me not to take Nyquil, and after the awful dreams I had last night, I think I will listen to his advice. So I took some Sleeytime tea, which is making me sleepy, but then I remembered that Joe Millionaire is on tonight. I know that I am not the only one who is waiting to see this show. I really doubt that he is making $18,000 a year. I mean, I know Suzanne was was making more just by being an apprentice electrician. And I could have sworn they said that he was from California. But oh man, I can’t wait to see some of the gold diggers on this show. And you know there will be some. So, I think that I am going to clean my room a bit and move my bed away from the window. Then I’ll Lysol the whole room out to disinfect it and go downstairs and watch T. V. And hopefully tonight, my body immune system will kick in and get rid of this cold for good.
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