Long ass survey here.

First grade teacher’s name: Don’t remember
Last word you said: You
Last song you sang: I Want You, Madonna w/Massive Attack
Last song stuck in your head: Major Tom, David Bowie
Last person who you chatted with: Online: Angie P.; In Person: Amber W & Rob S.; Phone: Mew Seto
Last movie you saw: Either Men In Black II or Flipside….
What’s in your CD player: Nothing, all of my music is on my MP3 player
What color socks are you wearing: Barefooted right now
What’s under your bed: Nothing. No bedframe, so boxspring is on the floor
What’s the weather like: It’s actually sunny right now, even though the weather report says that it is suppose to rain today.
What time did you wake up today: Briefly woke up at 8AM cause I forgot to turn off my cell phone. Was online and semi awake until 9 when I went back to sleep. Woke up at 11am when I got a call from my boss.
What’s playing on your TV: TV is off right now.
How many close friends do you have: Enough
How many enemies do you have: More than enough
Who do you want to marry: Don’t know anymore. There was one person, but we are now seperated.
Are you going to college: No. Graduated from SF State this year with a degree in History
Where do you want to go: Not a clue.
What is your career going to be: Again, not a clue.
Where are you going to live: I currently live in a 2br/1ba townhouse with my roommate a block away from where I graduated.
How many kids do you want: None, I am an unfit parent.
Kids’ names: When I did want kids, I wanted a daughter named Vanessa.
Where do you want your honeymoon: Haven’t really thought about it, but I think that Australia or New Zealand would be cool places to go.
What kind of car will you have: Hopefully something bigger and more fuel efficent than my 2002 Focus.
What age are you going to marry: Who knows…
Name: Joseph
Nicknames: Joe, Jojobe, joey-woey, marty, tygreyes
Address: San Francisco, California United States..
College Plans: Graduated in 2002, thinking about going for my Masters.
Birthday: April 24, 1974
Birthplace: Dunn, North Carolina
Horoscope Sign: Western, Taurus; Chinese, Tiger
Siblings: 1 younger brother, Eric
Parents: Joseph H and Sonya
Best Friends: Best Friend and I split up, so position is open at the moment
Marital Status: Single
Pets: None.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Glasses/Contacts: Not yet, but I think in the next 5-10 years I will need them
Height: 6’0″
Peircings: None
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: Righty
What’s one thing you would change about yourself?: My depressive nature
What’s your most comfortable piece of clothing?: don’t know
Goal in Life: find whatever it is i really love and make my life around that
Five words to describe yourself: Patience, Arrogant Bastard, Friendly, Troubled, Indifferent
Background: Parn and Deedit from Record Of The Lodoss War
Best Girl Friend: Too many to list
Best Guy Friend: same as above
Where can you usually be found?: At work or at home; sometimes online
Who would you be with?: coworkers, roommate, or alone
Are you the center of attention?: Not really
What’s your idea of a dream date?: One that I can come home too, fall into my bed and just relish in the memories of the date for weeks afterwards.
Are you timely or always late?: fashionably late
Where’s the best hangout?: Don’t really hang out anymore
Do you like being around people or being alone?: alone
What’s your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?: Long Fingernails (talking about the claws that some women have), bad makeup, bad additude
Who was your first boy/girlfriend?: Casey Clark in 1983 or 84
Who was your first kiss?: First kiss would also have to be with Casey while her friend was watching. First “real” kiss would have to be with Kim in 1988-9.
Have you known the longest?: Dan and Jennifer Rama. Have known them since I moved back from Korea to the States in 1989.
Do you argue the most with?: Suzanne L.
Do you always get along with?: I get along with most if not all of my friends
Is the most trustworthy?: I trust all of my friends, I think.
Makes you laugh the most?: They all make me laugh….
Has been there through all the hard times?: ..and all of them have put up with me at one time or another.
Always has a man/woman?: That would have to be April L.
Is the most sensitive?: Not Sure
Biggest loser?: No one is has big a loser than I am.
Most unique?: Probably Amber P.
Has the coolest house?: Not Sure
Is the shyest?: Mia G. can be shy when she wants/needs to be
Is the most outgoing?: Amber P.
Is the most rebellious?: Don’t Know
Is the horniest?: They all are.
Is the most perfect?: They all are
Is the laziest?: Can’t Decide
Is the most optimistic? I don’t Know
Is the most conservative?: Lesa W
Is most likely to become famous?: Amber P.
Is most likely to become rich?: Peter D.
Is most likely to end up in jail?: Mark H.
Is most likely to have a million kids?: Lesa D or Gabriella A
Is most likely never to have kids?: Suzanne L. and April L.
Would, without thinking, die for you?: Not Sure
Needs a good man/woman?: Besides Me? Probably Amber P. and Mia G
Are you most jealous of?: All of them
Color: Blue
Clothes: can never have enough tee shirts
Animal: Tygers
Book: too many to choose…
Food: Same as above
Restaurant: Not sure
TV show: Don’t watch that much TV. But I always clear my schedule for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and WWE Smackdown. **sigh** I know, just let me be with my guilty pleasures. Oh and I can’t forget The Price Is Right.
TV star: Bob Barker
Movie: Sooooo sooooo many!!!
Movie star: Jack Nicholson, uhm… John Malchovick
Song: Currently it is What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye.
Singer: Too many
Band: …Too many
Music Video: Too many
Hobby: sleeping, reading, listen to music, cooking, computers
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Month: April
Season: Autumn
Flower: Tygre Lily
Girl’s name: Jasmine
Guy’s name: Don’t know
Vacation: Not Sure
School Subject: Who Knows
Teacher: Too many to list
Number: Huh?
Cartoon Character: Not Sure
Radio Station: 92.7 Party (Dance Music)
Soda: Pepsi, Cherry Coke
Breakfast food: French Toast.
Candy: KitKat, Crunch, Krackel
Place: Not sure
Shampoo: Herbal Essence
Outrageous Hair color: None
Cologne/Perfume: CK1, Contradiction, Bijion, Aspen
Gum: not sure
Video game: Too many to list
Family Member: All of them
Fast food place: In-N-Out
Alcoholic beverage: Mudslide on the rocks, Alize, Champagne
Dream: Too X rated for this survey
Thing to say in a foreign language: J’en s’ai pas, Aie gu ya
Stuffed Animal: my tigers
Disney movie: Mulan
Odd Make-out spot: My old Metro
Midnight snack: cereal
Beach: Don’t have one
Amusement park: Great America
Shoes: Pay Less Sneakers
Thing to do when your bored: sleep, aimlessly wander the internet.
Smell: sex and candy
Concert: Dave Matthews Band
Pick up Line: Trying to find one
Memories: No comment
Have you ever been suspected of committing a crime?: … don’t think so
What do you want people to say about you when you die?: don’t know
How long does it take you to get ready to go out? 15-30 minutes.
What super power would you want?: Read minds
What would you like to be reincarnated as?: God
Do you make fun of your friends?: yeah
Words or phrases you over use: mumble
If you were an animal what would you be?: A Tyger of course.
Do you enjoy talking to your self?: yes, but shhh, don’t tell anybody

For alot of them, esp the friends questions, I didn’t answer cause I didn’t want to choose between my friends and stuff. I’ll prbably come back to it later to fill in stuff that I didn’t answer.
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: Madonna – Impressive Instant

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