My Jewish roommate…. So, I

My Jewish roommate….
So, I not really masturbating, just kinda feeling myself. O. K., so I was thinking about it, when Mike knocks on the door.
So I take a sec to close the sites that I’m looking at and tell him to come in; he doesn’t answer, so I have to get up and open the door.
He comes in, BS for a min and then leaves.
If I was still at Onondaga, this would never have happened.
Justin might have been a little anal, quirky, but he wouldn’t bother me. Unless of course, we got into a conversation. Then I would be trapped for awhile.
**sigh** I’m sorry, I like Mike, he is a good guy. Just sometimes….he’s quirky too.
With the rent that I am paying now, I could almost pay for a 1 bedroom place. I would just have to add on the electricity bill. That is so not good.
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