I hate job hunting. I

I hate job hunting.
I hate going in to places, getting applications.
I really hate filling out those applications.
And if any of these places call me back, I will def hate the whole interview process.
And I have to do this again tomorrow.
Anyway, at least I had a really good workout. Got Mike away from his studying long enough to goto the gym. Now he is watching Panic Room.
I really need to start eating more regularly. This skipping most meals, while helping me to lose weight, is not good for me if I am going from store to store looking for a job.
I need to focus on building my muscles. All right, what I need to do is some crunches and sit ups to get rid of the last love handle. But I hate doing that stuff. And that whole using the ball thing just looks silly. Still, I goto get rid of the gut somehow.
At least my arms look decent; maybe it’s just the glare of the computer screen, but I like what I see.
OK. Time to fill out applications while watching Panic Room.
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