SoCal Trip, pt2

So Mew and her boyfriend Eric show up and we head out straight to the Oktoberfest festival. Mew got all of us some passes, but they had expired at 8pm, so we were going to try to use the “It’s Mew’s Birthday” plan to get in free. Well, after going to the wrong mall, we got to the place (We could tell by the picture of the giant breasts of the German beer girl) and there is a line that is longer than some of the lines at Disneyland. AND IT IS NOT MOVING. The bouncer at the gate said that it was a 20 min line, but I highly doubt that we would have got inside in 20min. So we decided to leave and to goto Huntington Beach to go bar hopping.
So we get to Huntington Beach and we clean up a bit and go bar hopping to get Mew her free birthday drinks. So many things happened on this bar hop. Somehow a bra came off and it fell down to the street (we were at a bar on the 2nd floor balcony). So young kid, maybe 14-16, tried to throw it up, but couldn’t do it. Eventually, Andy, this guy from Canada, was able to throw it back up to us. He later came up with his group and we talked for awhile. Their was this guy named Jason who claimed that he was a stripper. But he chickened out when we tried to get him to dance and strip for Mew for her birthday. Later, when we left that club, we met the kid that couldn’t throw the bra up to us and ended up giving the bra to him. Has we left, he had a girl on his lap and two other girls hanging on to him. Oh yeah, we def. helped him get laid that night. There is one more story that I have to share, but it’s going to require its’ own entry.
So we left the beach and headed to Mew’s house for the night. Mew and Eric went up to finish celebrating her birthday, while Amber, Amanda and I stayed up talking. The next day we kinda woke up late and just lounged in the morning, which was good. I wasn’t hung over or anything, but it felt good just to lay in bed and just be leisurely. We eventually got showered and dressed and headed to Mew and Eric’s friend Joe’s house. When we got there, we found out that Joe was leaving and he told us to make ourselves at home. Amanda and I find a Playstation and Jeopardy and are hooked. After awhile, we decide that we are hungry, so our group goes to this seafood place to get some food and we head out to the beach to eat it. While at the beach, Amber decides to be Ms. Dolittle and starts to feed the birds. The rest of us hastily shove the rest of the food down our throats and get away from Amber and her small mob of birds.
So it’s about 5pm and I want to watch the game, so we start looking for a bar to goto. Being proud of the fact that I am from S.F., I naturally have on my 49er’s cap on and my Barry Bonds jersey. So most of the bars are full and are not letting anyone in, and I’m sure that what I was wearing wasn’t helping. In one of the bar, this drunken ass blocked my way into the bar for like 30 sec. And once we got in, OMG the looks. I knew that if we stayed, I would probably be fighting my way out. I think that everybody else in the group realized this too, cause they ussered me out before a riot could start. So we goto this bar called The Stag, which was perfect. The bartender was cool, their wasn’t that many people, and the Angels fans here were pretty cool. The bartender hooked us up with refill of drinks. I am glad that I didn’t have that much money, or I would have gotten wasted there. So we played a couple games of pool and other things and watched the game for awhile, before we headed back to Joe’s house.
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