So we go back to

So we go back to Mew/Eric’s friend Joe’s house. Joe is some kind of computer programmer and has a house a couple of blocks away from the beach. And what a house it is. It was originally a 3-bedroom house, but once he bought it, he added extra two floors to it. So above the living room on the second floor is an extra bedroom and a playroom for the kids and a playroom for the adults. And then on the roof is the Jacuzzi. It was a sweet house; I was very impressed.
So we stayed they for a couple of hours just chilling and stuff. It was nice, but I was expecting us to go out dancing or something. Anyway, we left at midnight and headed home since we all were flying out the next day (Mew was flying out to Denver a couple of hours after us.) While we were driving home, we passed this Hassidic Jew looking guy in a SUV. So I roll my window down and get him to roll down his window to tell him about the FDM. Mew yells at us and tell us not to talk to “the yeti” next to us. Well, that started the whole yeti joke that ran all night long. We got the O.G. original yeti, sista yeti (Hey!), sexymotherfucker yeti, grumpy yeti, Scandinavian yeti, and the blue, underwater yeti. That last yeti happened to be The Chad, who we called at 2am to let him know of his status. That’s what you get for feeding the kids sugar before they goto sleep.
So Sunday, we wake up and pack up and head out to the airport. We are at the airport for awhile when this guy comes with his ugly ass dog, Cessel. I mean, this mutt was UGLY…but of course all the women in the terminal thought that Cessel was the cutest thing ever. And when he started to drag his face on the carpet, well, that confirmed his cuteness.
And to top off the weekend, we met Ricki Lake and her family at the airport. She has some cute kids, Milo and Owen. Man, I should have took a picture of her kids and the dog, it would have been a good picture. And Ricki looked pretty good in person. She was kinda cautious, but friendly.
That was pretty much the trip. It reads badly, partly cause I think that I am just tired and sore from yesterday. And I still need to talk about FDM. **sigh** It’s been a blah day at work. Just a blah day in general.
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