Man, what a good work

Man, what a good work out! I was really trying to aviod not walking up to the gym to work out, cause it was cold and I was feeling tired. However, I am so glad that I changed my mind and went. The gym was practically empty; just one other person. And I really pushed myself and burned some calories.
Well, it’s been awhile since I have done this online journal thing…O.K. I guess the time frame depends on which journal I am posting this too. The trip to SoCal was great; something that I really needed to get myself refocused and recharged. The trip didn’t go down like the way that I imagined it would. However, there were some really good things that came out of it.
Anyway, I stink. So first I will take a shower and have some dessert; well, I’ll think about it. I’m craving my nightly bowl of cereal, but I might just pass on it tonight. And then later, I’ll post the story of the trip. We’re talking first class planerides, underwear flying, getting drunk, almost starting a riot, helping underage kids get laid, reinacting Alfred Hitchcock, corrupting mechanical toys, calling yetis at 2am in the morning, meeting television stars, and starting a revolution. Do you think I could make all of this up?
One more thing….Free Dance Revolution baby!
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