Been entertaining myself at,

Been entertaining myself at, a site that has Japanese Commercials staring Western Actors/Actresses. It’s interesting to see these people that you would never see in a commercial here in the U.S., doing commercials in Japan. I really like the Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Cage commercials the best.
Well, the first day of school has come and gone, and I am glad that I am done with classes. I was expecting us to get behind again on transfers, but we were able to keep up with everything. It almost scary how well we did today. Tomorrow will def. be a different story; I expect a shitload of transfers for notebooks and clothes.
Speaking of clothes, there was a nice lack of clothes today around campus. Fall semester is the best semester when it comes to girl watching. You got all of them freshmen girls in their tightest, skimpiest, outfits looking all hot and everything. Don’t know how many accidents Tim and I almost got into cause we were staring.
Going to fix something to eat and take a shower. Maybe tonight will be a movie night for me. I still have several DVD’s that I have bought that I have not watched yet. We’ll see.
Current mood: dirty
Current music: 10,000 Maniacs – Because The Night

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