And finally, shopping and being

And finally, shopping and being poor….
Still adjusting to being poor. Went to JCPennys to finish paying off my bed, and was so tempted to shop with my card. I might not have any choice, with Suzanne, Angie, Amber (work Amber) and Mew’s birthdays all coming up. **sigh** I could use a rug for my room, along with a bed spread set, and some socks, and some other things. Blah. We’ll see how long I last.
At least I got my plane tickets to see my parents for Thanksgiving (Thanks Dad) and to see Mew for her birthday (Thanks Mew/Amanda). Going to see Mew in October should be fun. And with my parents, I’m hoping that my plane will be overbooked and that I can give up my seat to get plane tickets for Xmas. We’ll see..
Oh yeah, I got pushed into buying tickets for some Police Rodeo thing for kids in Hunter’s Point. I swear, that cop caught me at the perfect time; at work wit h5 different things going on. So now I have to fork over $35 for this police thing. And it’s not like I can back out of it, cause you know that they will get my license number and harass me or ticket me or something. So much for having some money after rent is paid. Oh yeah, I def. see a shopping spree at JCPennys in my future.
Current mood: depressed
Current music: P Diddy, Black Rob, Mark Curry – Bad Boy 4 Life

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